1. the fourteen year old who sits at home in the heat of the philippines.
2. loves 5sos, taylor swift, and tuesdays on mtv.
3. her heart truly belongs to sushi.
4. married to ashton irwin.

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back at school so queue is on 24/7
watching: happyland, awkward & faking it
listening to: shake it off by taylor swift
loving: the 1989 era - (it's a swiftie thing)

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buttons from her

Welcome To New York (FULL)

Well, there's a mashup of royals by Lorde and come together by the Beatles that I listen to and it's amazing (I guess that counts an unknown) haha - you might be able to find it on tumblr b/c that's where I got it
- starrinqs

thanks so much!! i’ll look it up :)

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